The first 3 steps to getting started with Squirrel

Rowen Peebles

In order to start using Squirrel you need to have the following:

  • A website that you would like to use Squirrel on
  • An Amazon Associate account
  • Access to the Amazon Product Advertising API

Step 1

When you sign up to Squirrel and log in for the first time you will be greeted by this screen:

You must read and accept the terms and conditions to continue using Squirrel. Click the ‘Accept’ button on the bottom right corner of the box to progress to the next step.

Step 2

In this step you need to add your website domain and an email address to associate it with. Click the blue button at the top left labelled ‘Add Website’ to get started.

This box will pop up and this is where you must register your first website and a user to be associated with it: 


Currently you are logged in to your Publisher account. This step that you are completing now will create a new website account designated to the website domain that you enter here.

This means that you will need to log in with the email address you register in this step to access the website’s Squirrel account that you are setting up now. You have to use a different email address to the one that you have associated with your Publisher account.

We have designed Squirrel this way so that you can have multiple websites registered with Squirrel under 1 Publisher account. For now, stay logged into your Publisher account as we still have a few more things to set up.

Step 3

In this step you must whitelist all website domains that you wish Squirrel to appear on. Don’t forget to include any development domains that you might use for testing purposes.

To add a URL to the list, type it in the text box and click the blue button labelled ‘Add URL’ each time.

Once you have added your URLs to the whitelist, make sure you click the green button labelled ‘Update Whitelist’. This will save your URLs and complete step 3.

What next?

Well done completing the first 3 steps to getting started with Squirrel. You are now ready to get stuck in with styling your widget and linking your account to affiliate networks.

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