Who We Are

Before Squirrel, we created leading consumer tech news and reviews website Pocket-lint.com.

We believe we know exactly what publishers, editors, and readers want having gone through the process ourselves since 2003.

Our approach is about making everything as simple as possible and that approach is at the heart of what Squirrel is about.

Our History

The journey's been fun, and we've learnt a lot along the way. Here's what we've been up to so far:



Squirrel API launches allowing everyone to benefit from the Squirrel database without using our Squirrel widgets.


Squirrel database grows to over 500,000,000 products offering local deals from relevant retailers across the globe.


Little Squirrel launches letting publishers put dynamic links not only on their own pages, but other places too like Apple News, YouTube and social media platforms.


Squirrel adds Skimlinks and Viglink support allowing publishers to get started with affiliate content without having to sign up to lots of individual services.



Intelligent Squirrel launches letting publishers have the service intelligently suggest products to feature on their pages.


Squirrel database expands to over 70,000,000 products.


The Squirrel widget becomes fully customisable.



Squirrel adds support for mobile phone contracts in the UK.


Squirrel is born and we start helping editors and publishers monetise their content.

Meet Our Team

We've got decades of experience between us.

Stuart Miles CEO Stuart founded Pocket-lint in 2003 and created Squirrel to help publishers to better monetise their affiliate links to readers around the world. Twitter Linkedin
Rob Kerr Head of affiliates Rob has worked in the affiliate industry for many years with large publishers and has had a hand in designing multiple ecommerce engines, before Squirrel. Twitter Linkedin
Hugo Cunha Head of development The man behind the code, Hugo has built several hugely successful websites and databases in his time. Linkedin
Nuno Vaz Lead developer Squirrel's ability to handle millions of products, daily feeds, APIs and more requires a crack team of developers lead by Nuno.
Rowen Peebles Commercial manager With a background in Hospitality, Sales and Software, Rowen is passionate about helping our clients get the most out of Squirrel.