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Finding the best prices from the most relevant retailers in the reader’s local currency.

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The addition of the Squirrel widget to our websites has significantly streamlined the process of inserting and verifying reta iler prices for our editorial team. The team at Squirrel is impressively responsive to our inquiries and consistently seeks solutions for us whenever we propose new ideas.

Chris DickerManaging Director, Candr Media Group

Squirrel Widget

Editors are already overloaded with tasks from writing stories to promoting them on social and adding pricing is yet another ask... But what if finding the right price was built into their workflow at the start?

Our Squirrel widget is the answer

The Squirrel widget lets you show your readers the best prices from the most relevant retailers in their local currency, and we don’t take a cut of the transaction.

Squirrel API

Squirrel API - Response Example

Many publishers already have a frontend solution, but are struggling with running and handling a large international product database that is constantly changing... But what if you could offload the boring stuff to concentrate on what you do best?

Our Squirrel API is the answer

You can use the API to access all our retailer’s offers and have your own reseller id to get commission-worthy links.

Squirrel Pubslisher

For publishers that need a both a complete front-end and behind the scenes solution we can offer a package that contains both the Squirrel widget and our Squirrel API offering. Please contact us to discuss options and pricing.