Squirrel API

Many publishers already have a frontend solution, but are struggling with running and handling a large international product database that is constantly changing... But what if you could offload the boring stuff to concentrate on what you do best?

Our Squirrel API is the answer

You can use the API to access all our retailer’s offers and have your own reseller id to get commission-worthy links.

Squirrel API code


The Squirrel API allows you to search via Keyword, URL, ASIN, UPC, EAN or SKU and retrieve the matched product(s) around the globe (over 10 countries).


The response from the API will provide the product details, such as recommended retail price, live price, product image and product description in various counties quickly.


The API runs from our Squirrel dashboard, allowing you to enter your affiliate network details and select the retailers you wish to work with easily.

Key Features

Here are just some of the things that Squirrel can do:

The benefits of Squirrel

We believe that by using Squirrel, you will be able to see several benefits:

1. Full Control

Full Control

Full control over owning your affiliate experience including having direct relationships with the affiliate networks and retailers you want to work with.

2. Easy To Use

Easy to use

A quick and easy way for your teams to find relevant products and pricing information to feature on your sites and various channels.

3. Clear Understanding

Clear understanding

A clear understanding on how you are performing.