How to set up direct affiliate networks in Squirrel

Rui Correia

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Getting connected with some of the world’s biggest brands through partnerships with affiliate platforms is a great way to expand your website's affiliate revenue. AWIN is one of the biggest affiliate marketing platforms and a really good starting point.

You can follow our guide on setting up an AWIN account here: How to set up an AWIN account

Now it’s time for us to tell you how to connect your own affiliate network feeds within Squirrel.

Let’s begin!

Add your affiliate account details to Squirrel

First off you must click the “settings” option in the dropdown menu located on the left of the Squirrel dashboard as you can see in the image below:


This will show your settings page. Click on the tab labelled 'Direct Affiliate', here you will find the list of all the affiliate partners we have available for you to use on Squirrel.

Direct affiliate tab

Adding a direct affiliate to your network is a pretty simple process, all you have to do is select the affiliate you wish to add (e.g. Awin UK), and then introduce your tracking number in order for us to apply them to your links within the Squirrel widget.

Affiliate selection

From there on you can now select the retailers you wish to work with and that will become your direct affiliates. The selection menu is located in the “Retailers” section right below the “Account number”.

Retailer selection 

Here you can tick the boxes of all the retailers you wish to work with and then click the “Save” button on the top right corner of the selection menu. Once you click save you should get a message telling you that the settings were saved successfully.

Save retailer settings 

Request a CSV to be added to the system

Now that you’ve told us which retailers you want to work with it’s time to take the next step and tell us the CSV’s you want to use. In order to do this, you must submit a request in Squirrel’s section of the dropdown menu, and then select the “CSV Apis” section.

CSV Apis section 

Once there you can press the “Request New CSV” button in order to materialize the request. 

Request new CSV

When you click the “Request New CSV” button the request page will appear and here you will need to select the country and the retailer of which you want the CSV to be added. You will also have to indicate the URL of your website along with your account’s username and password.

Country and retailer selection

As soon as this is done an admin will review your request, validate the information and activate the CSV so the offers start flowing into the system. 

Use CSVs that are already in the system

In this section you can also add any CSV’s that are already present in Squirrel, this way you can add the information that might be required for the CSV’s to work properly for you. This is done by selecting and highlighting the CSV you want to include the information to and then pressing the “Add CSV” button. 


Once you click the button a box will appear where you can fill all the information that is required, such as the CSV download URL ( you can get this from your affiliate account, such as AWIN ), and specify which CSV you want to use from the ones already in the system. After all the information is filled in just click the “Save” button.

Add CSV form

When you click save, a message saying the row was inserted correctly will appear and you will then be able to see the row of the CSV you just added. 

Row inserted correctly

What's next?

After this step, our system will automatically validate the information you entered and start showing offers on your squirrels from the selected retailers.

You’re now ready to start maximizing your website’s revenue and gaining value from the exposure you get from being affiliated with the world’s leading brands in affiliate marketing. 

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