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Rui Correia

Find out what are the best affiliate marketing programs you can join and start earning more money online.

Now that we’ve told you what affiliate marketing is and how to get you started, it is time to tell you about the best partners you could have in the affiliate marketing landscape, one of the biggest challenges in starting your affiliate marketing business is to know which are the best affiliate programs to have on board with you. There are plentiful choices to pick from and sometimes it is hard to filter through and find out what programs best fit your niche. 

Picking the right affiliate program can be the difference between making money quickly or getting your revenue stream delayed for a considerable amount of time. 

Take a look at our list of best affiliate programs so you can achieve your best conversion rates and magnify your income potential. 


Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates 

One of the oldest affiliate programs out there and also one of the most easily recognizable, the Amazon Associates Program has been around since 1996, this kind of savvy and foresight is what turned Amazon into one the biggest and most profitable companies in the world. 

Aside from being very easy to implement it has a vast array of products to choose from with over 365 million items for you to promote, if you can find something on Amazon you will be able to sell it. 

If you’re looking to get started with affiliate marketing and begin implementing some affiliate links in your website, look no further than Amazon’s Associates Program to get you a starting boost in your online revenue. 

Follow this link to learn how to get started with your Amazon Associate account. 


EBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network

Much like Amazon’s Associates Program, the eBay Partner Network offers you an immense pool of products to choose from, with this never-ending supply of products to promote, trending items and other daily offers you can really grow your ability to earn money online. 

One of the biggest advantages of eBay’s Partner Network is the fact that they are self-managed, which enables you to work directly with eBay and forging a solid relationship with them from the very beginning. 

It also doesn’t hurt that eBay’s commission rate is pretty solid usually ranging up to 70% of each sale. 


CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate 

If you’re a more established brand, becoming a CJ Affiliate can be a very wise option for you, allowing you to use their metrics CJ grants you the possibility of seeing immediately which affiliate programs are profitable or not. 

One thing that could be an obstacle in joining CJ is that you need a fairly good amount of traffic to become a CJ Affiliate, and even if you are able to get in you must keep steady traffic and fulfill certain conditions throughout the time to remain within the CJ platform as publisher. 

However, if you can sustain those standards becoming a CJ affiliate is a great way of making use of CJ’s representation of various big name brands such as Samsung, Staples, Verizon, Argos and Under Armour. Being one the oldest affiliate marketing programs gives CJ a wealth of experience that can be very useful for new affiliate partners. 

Learn how to get started with CJ here.



Impact partners 

Impact has become really successful in the affiliate marketplace with profitable partnerships with brands like Adidas, Lenovo and Levi’s. 

One of Impact’s nicest and most unique features is the constant recommendations that are made to you according to your niche market and current affiliate partners, this gives you the chance of augmenting your affiliate network without much effort and a lot of the research being done for you. 

Even though Impact’s affiliate program is relatively new it was founded by the creators of Commission Junction, so it is safe to say that lack of experience or knowledge won’t be a factor. This fresher perspective is shown in Impact’s user interface which is a lot more intuitive than those of older affiliate networks. 

You can join Impact right now so you can see all this for yourself. 



Awin affiliates 

Awin is another well-known affiliate network providing access to over 14.000 advertisers and more than 200.000 publishers, with many of the world’s biggest brands and plenty of notable names among them. 

Using Awin’s vast advertiser directory you can find any program you want to join, unlike other affiliate networks Awin doesn’t demand that you have a running website to join the program, if you run a social media page or a YouTube channel you are able to join Awin as long as you are approved by their compliance team.

Much like Impact’s user interface, Awin’s has a fresher and slicker look to it that gives them an advantage over older competition. One of Awin’s strongest qualities is their accelerated payment method which enables you to get paid for validated sales even before Awin gets their share. 

Get your affiliate marketing journey started with Awin here


Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising

If you’ve never heard of Rakuten before then you should really get up to speed about these Japanese giants, being one the oldest and biggest affiliate programs around it suffers from the same ill as some of their contemporaries which is an older looking user interface, however Rakuten easily makes up for it with its large market share of affiliate networks of 7,85%

A potential downside of Rakuten’s affiliate program is their very demanding approval process, it takes a website with a considerable amount of traffic to be approved by Rakuten and this approval process can take a while. Another drawback for Rakuten is their lack of metric data which doesn’t allow you to keep track of the most profitable affiliate programs.

However, if you are looking for a solid alternative for huge names like Amazon and eBay, Rakuten is a very solid choice




With over 10 years of experience in the affiliate marketing field, FlexOffers grants you access to over 12.000 affiliate advertisers and a wide array of tools and formats, one of FlexOffers’ strongest attributes is their very easy to use dashboard and a simple registration process that is friendly for beginners. 

If you want access to the biggest and broadest selection of affiliate partners possible then joining FlexOffers is a must. This affiliate program provides the FlexRev-$hare program that lets publishers earn extra cash for every sale registered by the sub-affiliates they refer to FlexOffers.

FlexOffers has a similar downside to many of the other affiliate programs, it takes a solid following to get accepted by FlexOffers and they also have very limited customer support options. 

Sign up to FlexOffers right here




Skimlinks is an affiliate network that allows its partners to earn higher commission rates, maximizing their potential income, another notable advantage Skimlinks has its their highly detailed and extensive data reports which enable its affiliate partners to grow and improve their monetization campaigns.

However, Skimlinks has somewhat of a hindrance, it forces their affiliate partners to wait 3 months to receive payment and you won’t get paid at all if you don’t show at least a 65$ revenue. Skimlinks also takes a fee of 25% of all earnings. 

Learn how to set up your Skimlinks account here.

Now that you are aware of all the best affiliate marketing programs out there you can begin earning more money online by joining forces with these well-known affiliate networks, always remember that a solid affiliate network is a huge step in improving your online income. 

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