How to become an Impact Affiliate Partner

Rui Correia

Learn how to add another of the world’s biggest affiliate programmes to your affiliate portfolio.

Having seen before how to setup an account with a leading affiliate marketing platform (Awin) and become one of their affiliate partners, it is time for us to tell you about another one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks in the world. Its time for us to tell you about Impact. 

Like Awin, Impact means to increase your earning capabilities through affiliate partnerships, allowing you to make use of Impact’s extensive list of brand associates you can start profiting from the rise in exposure you will get on your website, and as soon as your visitors start making purchases directly from the links that will be implemented on your website you will start to experience a significant raise in your revenue stream. 

Squirrel also works with Impact which means that you can also combine Impact with the Squirrel widget. 

So here is how you can start the process of becoming an Impact affiliate partner:

Signing up with Impact

First off you can go to the website and click the “Request a demo” button on the top right corner of the website. 

Request a demo

You will then be directed to a page where you can either request a demo as a brand or sign as a content creator or publisher, in this case we will choose the “Sign up as partner” option.   

Sign up as a partner

After clicking the sign-up button you can choose to join Impact by using your social media account or by email, we will use the email method. 

Sign up method

You will then be asked to fill in the form with your personal data and the username, email address and password you wish to use. In order to progress you must also check the Service Agreement box.  

Sign up with email

After filling in the form you will receive a verification code on your phone number. 

Verification code

Explaining your business model and methods

After inserting the code, you will proceed to the next page where you’ll pick your primary business model, which means picking the model that best fits the content of your website. 

Choosing primary business model

Once you’ve chosen the business model that fits best in your point of view, you will be asked to provide all the methods you use to promote your online content, be it via website, social media, email, etc. You can choose more than one option in this instance.

Promotion methods

Website promotion method

Having picked the promotion methods, you use you will now be asked to tell Impact a little bit more about you/your company, here you will be able to share your company name, country, mailing address and the currency you wish to use. 

Company data 

When you click submit, you will then proceed to the Impact account page.

Process complete

Linking Squirrel with Impact

When it comes time to link up your Impact account with Squirrel the process is very simple as you will see, first access your Squirrel account and select the "Settings" menu, then click the "Affiliate Info" tab. 

Settings and Affiliate info

Then scroll down the page to find the Impact retailer section and click the button behind the retailer name.

Retailer button

Once you click the button a box will open where you can insert your Impact affiliate ID that you can find right below the account name on your Impact dashboard. 

Impact affiliate ID

Then all that is left to do is insert the Impact affiliate ID on the Impact boxes you wish to work with and then click "Save". 

Affiliate info box

You’re now able to start profiting from the relationships with your affiliate partners such as Squirrel, Awin and Impact. A vast affiliate network is an amazing tool to have when it comes to monetizing your product and strengthening your position within the marketplace. Squirrel looks to help do those things by allowing you to integrate your affiliate partners within our Widget thereby making it easier to unify your affiliate network. 


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