How to make money with Affiliate Marketing

Rowen Peebles

Read this article to learn about how to make money with Affiliate Marketing

How to make money with affiliate marketing 

Before you read this post, make sure that you have checked out “What is affiliate marketing and how to get started”.

Now onto the good stuff.

So you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing? That’s great. Helping digital publishers and content creators make money through affiliate marketing in the easiest possible way is what we specialise in.

Just follow these simple steps and you can be earning affiliate revenue in no time at all.

Know your niche

What is your niche? It is important to know your niche as it defines your target market and will give you a very good idea of which products, brands, and retailers you wish to promote and work with.

A website that discusses canine health, news and more could advertise and promote canine products that it has reviewed with affiliate links to earn a commission.

A gaming blog website that focuses on reviewing the latest console and PC games could easily advertise and promote the games with affiliate links and earn commission.

What are Affiliate Links?

These are links (URLs) that take the reader to the product page that you are promoting. The affiliate link is unique to your company and will contain a tracking ID. To get an affiliate link for a product you first need to be a part of an affiliate network.

There are two kinds of affiliate networks available to content creators.

Non-Direct Affiliate Networks

These networks give you access to hundreds of brands and retailers without the need of a direct relationship with them. These networks will take a percentage of the revenue earned for their service but can be a great way to get started with affiliates.

Take a look at some of the links below to learn how to get signed up to some Non-Direct Affiliate Networks:

Direct Affiliate Networks

These are networks that you must apply for to gain access to the brands, retailers and products in order to promote and advertise them. Having a direct relationship with these networks will help your performance but can take time and effort to foster and maintain.

If an order is placed for that product with your affiliate link then your company will earn a commission from that sale. Take a look at this article here to learn how to get signed up with a Direct Affiliate Network within Squirrel: 

Affiliate links are great but a little old fashioned in the way that they look. As a content creator you want to be doing everything that you can to convert a reader into a sale, so by simply sharing a link you are doing the bare minumum.

How can I up my game with affiliate links to increase my affiliate revenue?

This is where Squirrel comes in. After signing up and linking your affiliate networks with Squirrel you are ready to start increasing your CTAs (click through averages) and your affiliate revenue.

Instead of offering your readers a plain affiliate link in the form of a URL you could be offering them a Squirrel widget: 

Squirrel widgets allow you to monetise your local and international traffic. They display the product image and the best prices from the most relevant retailers in the readers local currency which means that they adapt to where your reader is located in the world. 

The green buttons for each offer contain your affiliate links which means if they are clicked you will get a commission from that sale.

It is very quick and easy to get a Squirrel widget onto your website. As yopu can see here its just a simple DIV that needs to be inserted either diretcly on your site or via a CMS.

Read this article here from Step 3 onwards to getting Squirrel widgets onto your website:

And that's it! With the process of producing and promoting products in the most effective way possible taken care of by Squirrel your editors have more time to focus on writing and producing the best content for your site.

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