How to provide the best content that drives sales on Black Friday

Rowen Peebles

Read this article and learn how to provide the best content for your readers that drives higher sales on Black Friday.

Black Friday is a major international sales event that happens once a year and signals the start of the Christmas shopping period. It has become a legendary day for publishers, retailers and shoppers having some of the most lucrative deals of the year. 

If you haven’t heard of Black Friday before or are unfamiliar with how it works, read this article we wrote explaining it all here: All about Black Friday

A lot of Black Friday shopping is done online. Product prices and discounts can change in a split second and this is very difficult to keep up with as a publisher, especially when you want to provide your readers with the most accurate prices and information.

Static prices and URLs won’t cut it on Black Friday.

In order to build trust and report with readers you must provide them with accurate information to help them buy what they are looking for. How can you make sure that the Black Friday articles you produce stay up to date?  

Optimise your content for affiliates

The content that you produce on and around Black Friday should be focussed on the deals and discounts of the latest and most popular products within your niche.

For example, if I were a technology review website an article I might write for Black Friday would be called “The top 5 best mobile phone deals for Black Friday 2022”. In this article I would discuss each product and help the reader make a decision on which mobile they would like the most, highlighting the deals that are available.

Statically typing product prices and offers would mean that the content you are producing has an expiration date, but on Black Friday it would be more like an expiration time of an hour or maybe two.

This is where the power of dynamic content really shines. All you need is access to the current product data like prices and deals and have that be displayed on your articles. If only there were such a tool out there.

Start offering your readers the best up-to-date Black Friday deals with Squirrel

Squirrel provides publishers with the power to insert dynamic data into their content either via API or prebuilt widgets. Here is an example of what a Squirrel widget looks like: 

Single Product Squirrel Widget

Multiple Product Squirrel Widget (Playlist)

Widgets like these makes purchasing decisions for readers so much easier. And on Black Friday the  easier the decision is the more likely a reader will impulse buy when they see a great deal that isn’t going to last. That’s more commission for you, and happy readers that you have helped save money.

A Squirrel widget is as easy to embed as a Youtube video and dynamically updates every 2-4 hours. However on Prime Day, Black Friday and other sales events the widgets are updated every hour to help readers find the most current deals

And there is no need to worry about your commission. We don’t take any percentage of it. Those green buttons that say “View Offer” in the widgets contain your publisher affiliate links and when clicked, direct the reader to the retailer page with your affiliate URL so you will get the commission from any sale generated.

Squirrel is quick and easy to set up so what are you waiting for? 

To find out more about Squirrel and how to get started please check out this article here: The first 3 steps to getting started with Squirrel

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