Why publishers should open Amazon accounts in other countries

Rowen Peebles

Read about multiple international Amazon Associate accounts and the benefits this brings to your readers and your affiliate revenue streams.

Amazon is one of the most popular marketplaces to help publishers get into affiliate marketing. Publishers can sign up for an Amazon Associates Account and start promoting products with Amazon offers through affiliate links on their articles.

A publisher would sign up to the Amazon Affiliate programme registered to the country that they are most interested in selling in, which would be the country that the majority of their readers are in.

This is a quick and easy way to get started with affiliate marketing and makes sense but publishers are missing out on the affiliate revenue that their international readers can generate.

How to increase your success with international affiliate marketing

There are many international Amazon marketplaces. 20 to be exact. Here is a list of all the Amazon marketplaces available to publishers to become affiliated with and the URLs in case you would like to sign up to any:

Amazon Australia

Amazon Brazil

Amazon Canada

Amazon Egypt

Amazon France

Amazon Germany

Amazon India

Amazon Italy

Amazon Japan

Amazon Mexico

Amazon Netherlands

Amazon Poland

Amazon Singapore

Amazon Saudi Arabia

Amazon Spain

Amazon Sweden

Amazon Turkey

Amazon United Arab Emirates

Amazon United States

Amazon United Kingdom

As a digital publisher that's interested in affiliate marketing you need to be aware of where your audience is based. Knowing the percentage of readers located in different countries across the globe will give you a huge advantage when it comes to selecting which Amazon marketplace's you wish to be affiliated with.

If you know where your readers are based then you will know what currencies, brands and retailers you should be showing them in order to promote the most relevant offers. By promoting the most relevant offers for each country you are significantly increasing your chances of success with international affiliate marketing.

Let's say you have readers in the United Kingdom, United States and Germany. All you would need to do is sign up to these Amazon marketplaces and then you would be able to offer your readers offers from all 3 marketplaces with affiliate links. This would cater to all 3 countries and allow you to potentially earn more commission.

But having 3 or more marketplaces which you need to generate affiliate links for every product you promote on every article soon becomes a tedious task for editors and content creators. Is there a way we could automate this and improve this that benefits the publisher, the editor and the readers?

How does Squirrel automate and make this incredibly easy?

We designed Squirrel to make everything as easy as possible for publishers, editors and readers.

For publishers we wanted to create a system where they can manage all of their afffiliates in one place whether its a directrelationship with an affiliate network such as AWIN or an indirect relationship with an affiliate network like Skimlinks.

For editors we wanted to create a system that streamlined their workflow and took the effort out of getting internatiomal affiliate links on an article. We created the Squirrel widget which is as easy to embed on an article as a Youtube video and simply requires a product ASIN to pull in the correct information for whichever countries the publisher has signed up for and linked to the Squirrel portal.

For readers we wanted to help them with their buying decisions by making things eas simple and easy to understand. Our widgets show all available offers from the publishers affiliates with the cheapest offer listed first. We also show a product image and the RRP so that the reader can see how great each offer is.

Here is a Squirrel widget for the Apple Airpods Pro and what it would look like in the UK:

And here is the same Squirrel widget for the Apple Airpods Pro and what it would look like for a reader in Spain:

Next to the offer is a button which takes the reader directly to the product page with your affiliate link where they can buy the product and publishers collect commission. 

It's incredibly easy to sign up and get started. We also offer a 14-day free-trial on signup as well as excellent customer support to help you get started.

Read here how to get started with Squirrel now: The first 3 steps to getting started with Squirrel

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