Calling all e-comm retailers

Stuart Miles

A quick and easy way to get your products seen on our network

At Squirrel we’re always trying to make sure we offer the publishers we work with the best deals we can find from the retailer relationships they have.

But in some cases, the publishers we work with don’t have a direct relationship with a retailer, and that retailer isn’t big enough to be on an affiliate network like Awin or Impact.

To solve this, we’ve created Squirrel Marketplace. It’s a brand-new offering from Squirrel that lets us feature retailers of all sizes in Squirrel widgets and API calls.

Why should you care? Well…

For retailers…

Squirrel Marketplace allows you the opportunity to show your products on leading publisher’s sites right at the moment a reader is getting ready to purchase through our Squirrel widgets and API calls.

You can see how many clicks, impressions, and what CTR you are getting across the Squirrel network of publishers, plus how well your individual feeds are performing, and which products in those feeds are getting clicks.

And for publishers...

It will let you offer your readers a greater more diverse choice of retailers.

That means local independent retailers who aren’t working with the big affiliate networks, or retailers who might not already have an affiliate programme in place, a chance to show your readers their offers. Oh and you’ll get paid every time one of your readers clicks on a Squirrel Marketplace offer to visit a retailer’s site.
Let me know if you would like a demo, and we can talk you through the offering and costs.

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