Squirrel deals finder lets you find deals quickly

Stuart Miles

Search thousands of deals to find the best ones fast

We all love a good deal, but one of the hardest parts about writing deal articles is finding the deal in the first place.

We know from personal experience that finding great deals is time consuming. You've got to search multiple retailer’s online stores manually, keep a bunch of spreadsheets updated, and even then, go through that horrid moment of doubting yourself over whether you've spotted a good deal or not. 

So, we've built what we're calling the Squirrel deals finder to solve this problem.

It's a tool that showcases the best deals we're tracking from thousands of retailers, and better still you can add your own affiliate retailers into the system too. 

The Squirrel deals finder lets you sort by retailer, brand, deal price, percentage saved, and when they were discovered. You'll also be able to see deals in different countries like the UK and US. 

We check for deals every hour and once you've found the deal you're looking for you can see more information like its price history over the 180 days. 

You can also see the other retailers that we're tracking that also sell the product to see how it compares and quickly find the highest and lowest price of that product. 

The new deals finder is live now, and you don't have to use Squirrel for your affiliate deals to benefit from the service. 

The Squirrel deals finder is available to all packages from Squirrel Basic upwards. 

If you would like a demo let us know. 

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