Improving your affiliate call to action

Stuart Miles

We’ve been busy here at Squirrel this week adding not one, but two great new features giving you more choice and control over how the widgets are displayed.

Here's what they are, how they work, and more importantly how they can help you achieve more with your affiliate efforts.

Call To Action 

Squirrel widgets have long used “View Offer” as a Call To Action to encourage click outs.

We’ve now added the ability to change the CTA messaging so it best fits your needs and audience.

A new “Text view offer button” option on the Styles page allows you to change the text you show on the button on the Squirrel widget.

Whether you follow the advice of a panel at PI Live and simply add a > to help boost performance, or explore different CTAs like View Deal, Buy now, Check offer, See price, you can now experiment with different options to see which one works best for you.

Show offers as buttons

We’ve introduced a new Squirrel widget design that allows you to automatically convert the widget into buttons when displayed below a certain width.

Found in the Styles page under “Show offers as buttons” once turned on you’ll then be able to set the width at which the new mobile-friendly style starts to show – say when narrower than 500px.

You aren’t restricted to just using it for mobile phone screen either. The new widget design, which will take on all the standard Squirrel widget style settings you’ve already picked, is perfect for showcasing the top three deals, for example, as buttons on your desktop-friendly pages too.

The multi-button widget displays the price and the retailer like the single button option.

Start benefiting today

If you would like to know more or need help with the new features please get in touch and we walk you through the two new styling options.  

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