How to find your Rakuten affiliate ID and link your account with Squirrel

Rui Correia

Learn how to find you Rakuten affiliate ID and set up your account with Squirrel

When it comes time to link up your Squirrel account with your favorite affiliate networks (i.e. Rakuten) it is always necessary to have your affiliate ID’s at hand, but how do I know what my affiliate ID is? We are here to help you find out. 

First off you have to log in to your Rakuten Dashboard

Rakuten homepage 


In your Rakuten dashboard homepage click “Get Links” in the Links tab. 

Get links tab

On the “Get Links” page you will see a list of advertisers/merchants, hover your mouse on one of those merchants and click “Text/Email” on the pop-up box. 

Advertiser list 

Now you must click on the “Get link” button on the far right of the page, this will generate the link code for the ad. 

Get link button 

The link code will be shown in a new window and there you will be able to find your affiliate ad which will be the values between “id=” and the “&” sign as you can see in the example below: 

Link code 

In this case your affiliate ID for Rakuten would be “Lj6u4oGFY/E”. 

Now that you know what your Rakuten affiliate ID is you can easily link up your Rakuten account with Squirrel. On the Squirrel dashboard, in the account section, click on the “Settings” menu and open the “Affiliate Info” tab. 

Squirrel affiliate info 

Scroll down the page to find the “Rakuten” section or search for “Rakuten” in the Search dropbox. Then click the blue button behind the retailer’s name. 

Rakuten retailer section

Once the “Affiliate settings” pop-up box opens you can insert your affiliate ID on the corresponding fields that apply to your affiliate network and then click “Save”.

Rakuten affiliate settings box 

Now your Squirrel and Rakuten accounts are linked and you are able to select all the Rakuten retailers you wish to work with from now on. 

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