What is Little Squirrel?

Rui Correia

Meet our little Squirrel, one of our most unique and efficient ways of profiting from your online content

Are you looking to improve monetization in your media platforms using a simple, agile and effective solution? Little Squirrel is the answer to your problems. 


How Little Squirrel works

Little Squirrel operates in much the same way as the Squirrel widget, except Little Squirrel takes all the power of the main Squirrel widget and boils it down to a single URL link that is easier to use in platforms such as YouTube, social media, Apple News and much more. 

Here is an example of what a Little Squirrel URL looks like: 


This URL will immediately take the user/viewer to the best deal we can find according to his location and your selected retailers. The URL is customizable so it can best fit your website, social media or YouTube account design and your personal preferences.  

Little Squirrel link example 

Integrating Little Squirrel 


So how can you start using Little Squirrel in your platforms? It is a pretty simple process. All you need to do is place the code on the exact place you wish for the Little Squirrel URL to be displayed, there are three ways you can do this. 

In the first one you can share the plain link which will redirect the user to the best offer available:


Best available deal 

Another option you have is sharing the link with the product description for easier identification:


The last option is to insert one of the two following tags on the same place you want the redirect links to be shown: 

Little Squirrel tags

As you can see using Little Squirrel is a very uncomplicated process, by easily creating the Little Squirrel links in your CMS or by inserting the tags into the code you can start reaping the benefits of using Little Squirrel’s quick and practical boost in your content monetization progress. 

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