Introducing Squirrel 2.0

Rui Correia

New features available from today

Squirrel 2.0 enhances and improves several of the core features and functionality of the Squirrel widget building a platform that makes the service stronger, better, and more enhanced in the future.

Available from today, the free update introduces new ways to showcase product picks, allow even greater customisation, and let users benefit from improved statistics.

Fast Squirrel

The Squirrel 2.0 widget now has a number of fall backs in place to ensure relevant results are displayed to readers even when editorial team can’t find an exact product pick to showcase.

With Squirrel 2.0 readers will be offered up to five related product picks if an exact match can’t be found, and if a relevant range of products still can’t be found, Squirrel 2.0 will automatically default to a dedicated Squirrel Playlist curated by publishers. Better still, Squirrel 2.0 requires no on-site code changes.

Greater customisation

Squirrel 2.0 moves the widget out of an iFrame for the first time allowing for greater customisation options. Publishers can now hide the RRP, as well as adjust font sizes and colours. Squirrels now automatically display in native languages including French, German, and Spanish based on the user’s browser language. The move to Squirrel 2.0 also means a greater chance of working even if the users is running an ad blocker, improvements in load times, and greater tracking capabilities via the stats page in the dashboard.

New affiliate settings

The platform sees an upgrade to the affiliate and non-direct affiliate settings pages within the dashboard. Now it’s even easier to quickly manage all third-party affiliate settings from the likes of AWIN, Amazon, and specific brands in one place.

The new affiliate settings page has been designed to make managing your account codes and click refs easier, while a new platform navigation menu should simplify accessing key areas on the dashboard.

Additional Squirrel 2.0 features

CSVs - Publishers can now add their own CSV files to the system delivering an almost unlimited number of retailers they are able to work with.

Improved cross-country matching - Improvements to the Squirrel database mean an even higher matching success rate. Great if you are keen to monetise your international traffic.

Playlists for TBC - We now offer related product picks for Squirrels that feature products that don’t have offers or ran out of stock allowing readers to see alternatives.

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